Psychiarty is a place where human mind meets art and design. This place is devoted to educate people about varied aspects of how our mind acts or reacts in everyday life.

Our mind has incredible power and unlimited possibilities to visualize not only real things but also intangible, like emotions, feelings etc. Artists and designers often bring various emotional, human mind elements to their work: illustrations, photos, video. And artists and designers are always in search of new forms, innovative ways to show theirs ideas and intentions. Sometimes these endeavours look a little (or not so) crazy, but it became a part of pop culture a long time ago so everyone got used to it. It became a part of our life, it's everywhere - just pay a little attention when you look around and you'll be amazed.

You'll learn a lot about your mind here, at Psychiarty - the place where human mind meets art and design. This place is always open and you are always welcome here.

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